It’s About Time…

I’ve been meaning to start writing a blog for a few months now and thankfully my ECI 831 course is making me do that. I love using social media already having a Twitter account, Facebook account, a Pinterest account and many others that I try to keep on top of. Blogging was the last thing on my list to do. But I was always intimidated. I didn’t know what I wanted to blog about. I have to admit that I am still intimidated and still don’t know what to blog about. I’m a French immersion teacher, librarian, a technology advocate at the school and I love working with kids but to me that seems like so much to write about and talk about all the time. I always feel like I need to choose one.

I was sad to learn that this course was going to start on the same night I had another engagement that I was already committed to. However, based on the recording it seems like this is going to fit right up my alley how can I integrate and collaborate immersion teaching, librarianship and technology all into one.

To start I think I need to separate the three and just talk about each one individually to get a sense of who I am as an educator. I’ve been teaching French immersion for the last 11 years ranging from grade one all the way up to grade eight and as a literacy and numeracy specialist in French. This year I’ve taken on the role of librarian at our school. And I’ll tell you now I don’t wear my hair in a bun and I don’t wear pencil skirts every single day, much to husband’s dismay.

The librarian role is a new one for me. With my literacy numeracy specialist experience, my administration felt that this would be a good fit in the school I’m at. I can tell you now, it’s one if the hardest jobs I have ever done! Despite the fact their are about 700 students in my dual track elementary school, I am only 80% librarian and I provide prep for the other 20% of my time. My admin often asks if I am taking my designated preps and I usually just smile at them. Thankfully I have a group of very dedicated volunteers who know more about what to do then me… I love my new role, but I dearly miss the classroom.

I am a big techie-gal. I love BYOD (too bad our infrastructure doesn’t) and I love sharing with students and have them share with me. About once a week, I would have an “Appy Hour” with my class and we would discuss new apps and online tools we have found to help out in our studies. The idea for an in-class “Appy Hour” came about when 2 teachers at my school started an in-house weekly after school PD called “Appy Hour” where teachers did the same thing.

So now that my first “official” blog post is way too long, I will stop here. When I look back on this post next week and as I study more of my colleagues blogs, I will learn more about what needs to be said, and what I can just tell my husband…

Thanks for the ear,



One thought on “It’s About Time…

  1. Hi Rochelle

    Welcome to blogging! Compared to my posts your blog post is short 🙂

    I find the easiest way to approach blogging is to write about what you want to share or reflect on. If I don’t know something and share what I learn it helps others as they often aren’t aware either.

    Best of luck with the course.

    Sue Waters
    Edublogs Support Manager

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