All things come in 3s… Waiting for the other shoe to drop

This has been one of my busiest weeks yet this year. And to top things off, today, I am waiting for the dreaded “third thing” to happen. The first: all 45 shelves I had my husband cut for the teacher mailboxes – about 1/2 cm too long… The second: change out of my winter boots to my dress boots, only to realize I grabbed two different boots and both were for the right foot. Walking around all day in Winter boots got really hot… What could the dreaded “third thing” be…

After our extra blog session with the ever-amazing Sue Waters last night, I felt encouraged to start a blog for my library. The intent of that blog was to replace the old, difficult and cumbersome Board directed web pages they want us to use. Although I use WordPress for my personal blog, I wanted to try edublogs because I knew Sue would be wonderful to access if I had questions. If… too funny…

I definitely had questions and frustrations and then I think I just got too tired. I fired off an email to Sue late last night. When I finally checked my emails this morning, here she has gone and fixed everything I messed up. Now my library blog looks amazing and is about to be doing exactly what I want it to do!

I find as I play more with my Blogs, I tend to mess up more, but I try to approach it as a learning experience. And it has definitely been a lot of trial and error.

Anyway, on to the fun things that happened today. I love day 2 on the school calendar. My former 7/8 class visits in the library and I get to catch up on all that I gave up to be in the library. Today, I explained the Willow Awards to them. Next thing I knew, they had snatched up all the books they could. I then showed them a quick example of an Aura Book Review I did on the app Aurasma. They were hooked and couldn’t wait to start reading.

However, then the technical questions started:

1. Madame, if I create my own review, edit it and save it to Dropbox for you, could you use that on Aurasma? – my Response: “Uh… I’ll have to check on that.”

2. Madame, is the app only available on Apple products? – my response: “Uh… I’ll have to check on that.”

3. Madame, what happens when we have multiple copies of a book and they each get a different review? Does the app recognize smaller differences? – my response: “Uh… I’ll have to check on that.”

Needless to say, I wasn’t as prepared as I had hoped I was. I guess this lends back to my previous post about the new Digital Divide not being who has and who hasn’t got the tech. But more of who knows how to use it and who doesn’t.



3 thoughts on “All things come in 3s… Waiting for the other shoe to drop

  1. Rochelle, I have also tried Aurasma and I think it is great you are using it in the library. I don’t know the answers to the questions either but the fun part of technology is playing with it. Good luck with the rest of your journey!

  2. The more you learn, the more you know you don’t know. But, even understanding some of the new lingo puts you well ahead of others. It takes time, but great proficiency and understanding comes with good groundwork and lots of experience. Just keep at it … you’ll be fine!

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