The realities of being a teacher today

I just read the article below and it struck a chord with my feelings on being a teacher today. As I gear up for another term of teaching, another round of Provincial Bargaining, and the onslaught of possible new “testing”, I always question why I chose this profession…

It is so true how this teacher feels. And the fact she withholds her name in fear of retaliation goes to show how much power teacher voices have! I love teaching, but I do not love how unprofessionally we are treated sometimes. I too remember when my parents blamed me, the student, for a bad grade. Or, if after reviewing my work, questioned a grade given to me by a teacher, they would talk nicely to said teacher about what I should have done differently.

I think that the community forgets that we have 4 years of specialized training in education. This is what we are taught to do. You wouldn’t hire an electrician to do a plumbers’ job, you want someone who has be trained properly and has the know hows to do the right job.

And if you think a teachers’ job is so cushy, what with our two months off in the summer and all, don’t cry… apply! All it takes is a 4 year education degree with months of on the job- no pay training. Then you too can be living the high life of every teacher.

Please understand that I do love my job- when I get to be a teacher. I don’t like the barrage of condescending remarks about the profession I love and admire dearly! And let me tell you, I get it not only from strangers, but from family also. Unless you are a teacher or married to one, I don’t think you can truly understand what it is like to be one. My daughter wants to be a teacher when she grows up and that breaks my heart. I’m so scared about where this profession is headed. I’m lucky, I am halfway through this career. It isn’t something I would wish upon any rookie.

I would love to teach but…


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