My Summary of Learning for ECI 833

With this being my 3rd class with Alec, I always know what to expect. I also like to explore new tools in education when it comes time to do my summary of learning.

This class is no different. I decided to use an app called WriteReader. I comes with high praises from Common SenseMedia and other reputable software critics. However, I found it to still be lacking in certain areas.

To begin, this app/software enables the youngest of writers to publish their own stories. It is a great tool for kids who love to tell stories. They can use their own pictures or pull from a Google search (which, according to the developers are pictures that are free to use).

One problem I ran into when creating my story for my summary of learning, was I could not insert a page between two pages. My first outline of my story required me to add additional pages to keep my story moving along. However, it would only add pages to the end of the story. After discussions with the developer, they too realized the flaw in this system. So, I had to start over with a paper outline. That was my first frustration.

My second frustration is the limited characters in the writing boxes. It forced me to be concise in my thinking and how I explained my thoughts.

My third frustration with the tech is the recording function. It would work fine for a couple of pages, and then it would simply copy what the previous page’s recording was. After many attempts, hours of trying and re-trying, I finally discovered that I had to re-listen to every recording after I made it and if it began repeating the previous page, I had to leave the program and log back in to start where the repetition began. Finally, it is done. I’m not sure I am ready to share WriteReader with my staff just yet, there are some bugs that need to be ironed out first.

Well – here is my first WriteReader published story. Enjoy!

Adventures in ECI 833

Thank you for a great semester! And Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!




8 thoughts on “My Summary of Learning for ECI 833

  1. Merci Rochelle!
    I enjoyed your Summary of Learning. I will have to check out the Write Reader program. I agree with you ……..when taking Alec’s classes it has always pushed me to try new things. New things comes with frustration but also the opportunity to learn more and try new tech with our students that is purposeful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kudos for boldly going! It’s always a risk to try something new just for the summary of learning but it always results in packing a little more learning in. I was glad to see your critique of the tool too.

    I found a couple things in checking out your summary that you might want to look at (I don’t know how changeable it is). Some of the text is actually off the page. Not a big deal since you have audio for it, but at least on my view I couldn’t see all the text which suggests there’s some quirks to the preview.

    Just to be sure, were there supposed to be only 9 pages? i’m just making sure that it isn’t a limitation of viewing vs downloading or something! But great job especially with all the extra learning that goes into testing something. Even more so since you had to deal with the developer directly!

    • Thank you for letting me know. And no – there should be 28 pages!!! Gah!!! This is so frustrating!!! Thank you again I will have to look at it.

      • I was worried that was the case. 😦 Crap. Hopefully it isn’t too hard to fix. I’m sure Alec will understand the joys of trying something that’s still working out all the glitches! And what I saw was great.

  3. Hey everyone! So WriteReader will only display the first 9 pages of my 28 page summary of learning. I’m so sorry everyone. The joys of working with a somewhat new program.

  4. Ah ha! Thank you to Babar Haig, the CEO of WriteReader who discovered a fix- to read the rest of the book, simply go to the top right hand corner of the page and you will be able to go past page 9! With all of these frustrations, the company has been amazing to work with! Thank you again everyone!

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